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Charalambos Margaritis was born in 1985 in Cyprus.


He graduated from the National Superior Fine Arts School of Paris (ENSBA) in 2012. His work is centered around printmaking, animated films, drawing and painting. In 2010 he studied the traditional icon painting techniques with the monk Paisios Agrapides in the Cell of Saint Archangels in Karyes of Mount Athos, where he resided for three months.

He taught drawing and animated film techniques to children from 8 to 15 years old on three occasions: firstly, during 2011 and 2012, as a part of the creative writing workshops of “La Cité des Mots”, organized by the writer Catherine Zoungrana in Paris. Then, on December 2013, in the Centre Pompidou, during the event “Stopmotion”. Finally, for the post-diploma program “AIMS” (Artiste Intervenant en Milieu Scolaire) of the Fine Arts Schools of Paris, that takes place in Saint Ouen (suburb of Paris). He also taught drawing in HEC (Haute Ecole de Commerce) for the year 2014 – 2015. In 2013 he worked as a member of the admissions jury for the entrance examinations of the Fine Arts School of Paris.


He participated in several exhibitions in France, as the event “Graver Maintenant” in Reuil Malmaison in 2009, the second edition of the International Drawing Fair (FID) in Paris in 2010, the exhibition “Nulla Dies Sine Linea” in the library of the Ecole Normale  Supérieure of Paris in 2011, the Salon of Poissy in Paris in 2013 and in all the Sarcelles' Engraving Biennales since 2009.


In Cyprus he participated, in December of 2013, in the exhibition “Othellos – Rebirth” that took place in the Othellos cinema theater, part of the European Capital of Culture of Paphos. In October 2014 he worked with the classical music ensemble “Trio Dell'Arte”, creating three animated shorts for three of their concerts in Nicosia, Limassol and Paphos. In April 2015 he participated in the Street Art Square Festival.


His 2012 short animated film, “Workhouse”, was selected and presented in several festivals in Cyprus and abroad, as the London Greek Film Festival, the International Motion Festival in Nicosia, the Con Film Festival in Philadepheia, the Lons Angeles Cine Fest and others. At the same time, he has created (alone and in collaboration with others) video clips for several musicians in Greece and in France, such as the group Active Member, Yiorgos Zambetas, the group Pulcinella, Ian Balzan and others.


He is a member of the artistic collective “Miracle”, that is based in Paris but collaborates with a lot of artists (plasticians, poets, writers, philosophers and others) in many countries, such as Benin, Hungary and England.