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By kimonos2, Mar 14 2017 03:49PM

'The night'
'The night'

Ferdinand Hodler was born on 14th March 1858.

One of the best known Swiss painters, using stylized, awkwardly gesturing figures in conjunction with simplified color, overcame realistic and impressionist conventions and infused his works with an intellectual, symbolic content he called ''parallelism''.

His portaits of the destitute and of artisans at work were the starting point for a much wider reflection of a man's destiny. At the end of the 1880s and the beginning of 1890s death had become an obsession for Hodler who lost his family at a very young age. (''A glimpse into eternity'' and ''The night'').

Hodler used an expression that he called parallelism. Parallelism is more than a principle of formal composition, it is a moral and philosophical idea, relying on the premise that nature has an order, based on repetition, and that in the end all men resemble each other.

Hodler died 19th May 1918.

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